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The Spirit of Conviction with Matthew Mcconaughey

Wild Turkey® and Creative Director Matthew McConaughey partner with Complex for new digital series, Talk Turkey & The Spirit Of Conviction.

"We are exploring conviction. Why some never compromise to be the best and why some choose their own path where none have gone before."

~Matthew McConaughey

It takes the right kind of conversation to uncover how connected we all are; neither race, color, creed, or geography can separate us from that fact. We put this mantra to the test with a new series that combines cultural anthropology with dynamic storytelling through both short-form documentaries and sit-down interviews that delved deeper.


Matthew McConaughey invited influential trailblazers for Intimate Conversations over a glass of Wild Turkey Bourbon to explore influential movements that are helping to define culture through acts of personal conviction.

Directed by Adam Donald. Produced by Jarrett dePasquale.

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