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Disappearing Cinema

Blink and you might miss the new music video we created on Instagram Stories to promote Adidas Originals new P.O.D. shoe.

The video, directed by famed music video Colin Tilley [Beiber, Rihanna, Megan Thee Stallion WAP], features 19-year-old Detroit musician Curtis Roach and it was only available for 24 hours on Instagram Stories.

Due to his hectic schedule, Colin is rarely able to work with and groom young talent. But after listening to “Spectacular” and hearing Roach’s story, Tilley was inspired by not only his music, but also his on-camera energy and personality (what Tilley deemed “a special spirit”) in past music videos and Instagram content. The veteran director was thrilled to take on a mentorship role

It was so exciting for me [Colin] to be like, ‘How can I take Curtis and pretty much introduce him to the world in a brand new way?’


Having Curtis and Colin come together to create this audiovisual experience, that then disappears, materializes Adidas' mission which seeks to empower those who dare to break molds in culture and art.

“We embrace that our brand allows us to elevate creativity through product and the lens of a next generation of artists breaking traditional molds.”

Christine Sheehan, Adidas Originals Brand Marketing Director 

Impact for People:

Gave emerging artist Curtis Roach funding & access to award-winning director Colin Tilley (Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Chance The Rapper).

Within 24 hours, gave Curtis more song views than he had ever gotten on any of his songs on YouTube or Spotify in his entire career.

Impact for Business:

Most views in 24 hours in the history of Complex’s brand campaigns.

Majority of viewers were Gen Z, solving adidas’ problem of engaging younger consumers, by using Instagram Stories in an unexpected way.

Digiday Award Nomination, WWD, Adage, Footwear News, Teen Vogue

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