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The Cultural SuperBowl and Our Generation's World's Fair 

What if we could have something that has the festival energy, that feels like a party, but for the in-touch and curious? The things that we do online where we obsess on things that we often can’t even see – how do you bring that to real life? 


ComplexCon is everything you love about the internet in real life. A groundbreaking festival that brings together pop culture, music, food, innovation, activism, education & more. 

Pay attention to your audience and give them what they want. You Do something new to bring your brand to life. Create vision, understand formula, create boundaries, push boundaries, make magic.

Impact for Business in 2 Days:

  • over 200 culture-shifting brands

  • hosting a record 60,000 digitally savvy attendees and influencers

  • garnered over 50 billion media impressions to date

  • grossed $25 million in retail sales

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