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BK Chatroulette

Burger King's Chatroulette was a live interactive coupon promotion for the launch of the Steakhouse XT Burger. We gave away free Steakhouse XT burgers live and non-stop for 48 hrs on Chatroulette. Steve had the honor of playing the King for several hours, providing many surprises and coupons, while enjoying the hilarity and horrors this medium could provide.

With its mixture of voyeurism, sex and technology, Chatroulette was the perfect platform for the King. He entered people's home screens the way commercials never could. Surprising and delighting. This was their own live, personal TV commercial that they took part in. Unfiltered. No ad-buy. Worldwide reach. Our goal was not about the number of coupons we handed out, but to create a real time personal brand interaction in a completely new way. 

Whopper Lust Challenge

Ahh yes, another Burger King challenge… Love them. This time it’s in the form of a seemingly endless interactive TV ad, actually, its an entire dedicated TV channel on Direct TV, channel 111, and will be airing until the end of this week, giving away an unlimited number of Whoppers!

All you have to do is tune in and activate the Whopper Lust challenge… You’ll see a 5 minute countdown. Just watch the perfectly flame grilled burger spin for a ridiculous 5 minutes and you get a free burger, watch it for 10 minutes and you get two, 20 minutes and you get four… it’s endless!

But, you have to stay on top of it. The TV prompts you to hit various buttons on your remote every so often, miss one, the clock re-starts, and you loose that burger! Complete the challenge and you can claim the free burger right there on the TV. So simple, but so powerfully engaging!

Burger King have already given away over 50,000 burgers this week, and at this rate, by the end of the week, over 800,000 minutes or 13,500 hours of pure Whopper TV will have been watched!

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