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Creators Class

I led marketing and creative for Brisk’s first-ever campaign that provided equal opportunity & resources to young diverse talent in creative industries in partnership with Michael B. Jordan.

Together with Brisk, Jordan and his production company, Outlier Society, we provided a collective of diverse up-and-coming artists with opportunities to collaborate with and be mentored by creative industry leaders.

"Complex & Brisk encourages the same boldness and creativity that I strive for in my work and with my production company, Outlier Society. That's why I'm honored to be a part of the Creators Class and offer up-and-coming hustlers the opportunity to work on this special Outlier Society project."

Michael B. Jordan.


By using creative influence to improve the world, we can help creators and brands transform creativity into a full-time career. Now more than ever, there's a double bottom line:  Profit & Purpose. In partnership with Brisk and Michael B Jordan, we were able to do just that.

Our partner initiative grew into also spotlighting influential creators such as Anwar Carrots with merch drops and The Rock Hobbs & Shaw movie launch.


Impact for People:

  • Landed actor Michael B. Jordan’s first-ever directing and commercial co-writing project.

  • Launched an internship program for less privileged kids to work on a commercial for Marvel’s Venom movie and receive free art exhibitor space at New York Comic Con.

  • Provided free film courses taught by Marvel’s Black Panther crew.

  • Provided mentorship to a group of underrepresented minorities to follow the making of the commercial and be in-person.

Impact for Business:

  • The most Twitter engagements Brisk received in 3x years.

  • So much traffic to the 7-Eleven app that it crashed.

  • Complex’s highest-grossing agency deal to date.

  • Adweek, Digiday, HuffPo, Deadline, Vibe, PopSugar

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